Allison Joy Courtenay (Born May 22, 1974 as Allison Joy Langer), also known as A.J. Langer is an American actress who appeared in three episodes of Baywatch.

A.J. first appeared as Caroline Larkin in the Season 2 episodes The Trophy Parts I and II which also was Kelly Packard's first appearance and then as a con-artist going by the aliases of Rachel, Nancy and Linda in Season 4's Guys & Dolls.

She is also known for many other television roles; Melissa Drexell in Drexell's Class, Rayanne Graff in My So-Called Life, Kathleen Doyle in Brooklyn South, Lauren Woods in It's Like, You Know, Anne Bernstein-Flynn in Three Sisters, Meg Bardo in Eyes, and Erica Warner in Private Practice. She also played explorer Rebecca Snoot in the video game Return to Zork and Utopia in the film Escape from L.A..

A.J. is now married to Lord Charles Courtenay the 19th Earl of Devon and is now the Countess of Devon.

She has two children; one daughter named Joscelyn Skye and a son named Jack Haydon who is now the heir for becoming the next Earl of Devon.

Characters portrayed by A.J. Langer in the series[]


  • A.J. firstly went by her initials to join an all boys baseball team, afterwards her nickname has stuck ever since.