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Allie Reese is a character in Baywatch.

She was Australian lifeguard who got a spot on the new Baywatch team Mitch Buchannon was putting together on Hawaii.

Physical Appearance[]

Simmone-Allie 2

Allie was a beautiful, athletic Australian woman in her mid-twenties with short curly auburn hair and brown eyes.

She was 170 cm (5'7") in height and 57 kg (125 lbs) in weight.


Allie is very cheerful and is always willing to help others when needed.

Despite being a skilled lifeguard, She had unfounded worries that she wasn't good enough for the team because what she had learned in Australia differed slightly from Hawaii. However she soon realized her potential and skills in being part of the team were an asset.

Skill and Abilities[]

Simmone-Allie 10

Allie's experience as an Australian lifeguard makes her a valuable addition to the Baywatch Hawaii team.

She has great knowledge of various rescue techniques, first aid, CPR and the use of the rescue craft and vehicles, most notably the boats and helicopters as her previous jobs had been as an air hostess and a tourist helicopter pilot.

She is also a strong swimmer and diver.


Season 9[]

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 1[]


  • Allie is the fourth Australian lifeguard in the series, the second Australian female lifeguard and the first non American female lifeguard cast member in the series.
  • Simmone mentions on her Instagram page, that she was sacked by Gregory J. Bonann, one of the programme's creators after disputes regarding her publicity for the series and therefore made no more appearances,
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