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Andy Jamison is a minor character in Baywatch.


Andy was an old friend of Mitch Buchannon and a former lifeguard at Baywatch. At some point he left and became a Sheriff in the police force of the Ventura County.

One night, while he was out on duty, his wife Becky was followed and shot at home by two burglars. After coming home and finding her dead on their living room floor, it pushed Andy over the edge as he had loved his wife dearly. He tried to see a psychiatrist, but it didn't help him cope.

He decided from then on to use more brutal force whenever he saw any kind of criminal activity and take looking after his well-being more seriously. This put two counts of excessive force against him, which removed him from patrol duty and placed on desk duty for six months.


He came back to Baywatch as a part-time lifeguard. He was doing a workout on the beach where he was reunited with Mitch who introduced him to Lt. Stephanie Holden.

Andy became concerned of homeless people living on the beach and said they were only around to rob people. Both Mitch and Stephanie assured him they were harmless, but he wasn't convinced.

He then began his work and as he was watched by Mitch and Stephanie from Baywatch Headquarters, they both agreed he was a good lifeguard. However when discovered two of the same homeless people drinking and tried to stop them, they tried attacking him, resulting in him used brutal methods to stop them, including holding one of them in a choke hold. Stephanie arrived and berated him for his actions, requesting to see him for a meeting.

Later at Baywatch Headquarters, Mitch was with Stephanie and when Andy came for the meeting, she told him not to take the law into his own hands. Andy argued that many lifeguards get assaulted and seriously threatened in the last two years and looking after your own well-being should be a high priority and they should be prepared to deal what they could be up against. He proved his point by using a pair of handcuffs on Mitch from one of the trucks, saying that they could easily catch someone twice their size if necessary.

The next day, Andy arrived to start his work and said bumped into Mitch's son Hobie. After exchanging conversation, Hobie left and Andy apologised to Mitch for what happened yesterday, stating that the first day back sometimes is the roughest and invited him for beer to catch up.

Later on patrol, Andy found out that Mitch had been assaulted by two masked beach goers and had his truck stolen, who unbeknownst to them were the same homeless people who had been drinking on the beach earlier. He and Stephanie tended to his injuries and took him back to Headquarters. When Mitch came out of the first aid room, refusing to go to the hospital to see to his concussion, he received applause from Andy, Newmie Newman, Stephanie's sister Caroline and the other lifeguards, relieved that he hadn't been shot. Another lifeguard Logan Fowler arrived to say that the same people who hi-jacked Mitch's truck were also holding up a beach parking attendant. This made the other lifeguards feel uneasy, thinking that what happened to Mitch, may happen to them.

Andy teaching self defence

Andy teaching the other lifeguards self defense with Rescue Cans on the beach

Andy then decided open a course to teach Logan, Newmie and some other lifeguards how to use self defense on the beach with aid of the Rescue Can for protection. Mitch watched as Andy showed a variety of techniques that the other lifeguards learned quickly.

Later Andy was polishing a handgun in his tower and kept it hidden under a towel. Whilst he was making another rescue, Mitch came by and found the gun, telling him gently but firmly that he wanted him to pack his stuff and leave his tower, stating that guns were inappropriate for lifeguards as someone would of found it and others could of gotten seriously hurt. Andy argued that he was fighting fire with fire and Mitch demanded to know why Andy's attitude had changed so much and why he had been taken off patrol at Ventura County.

Andy explained the death of Becky and Mitch gave him his deepest sympathy, though he still thought it was best for Andy to leave as he had crossed the line by keeping a loaded gun in his tower.

Later as Andy was leaving, he found the same homeless punks who he had caught drinking before, harassing a beach jogger, so he intervened and brutally knocked them out, allowing the jogger to get away safely. Realizing that they are also the same punks who stole Mitch's truck, he then reached into his shoulder bag and pulled out his handgun, intending to shoot them both.

Mitch appeared and persuaded Andy that they were not the ones who killed his wife and killing them would not bring Becky back. With tears in his eyes, Andy dropped the gun and fell into Mitch's arms as the police came and took the punks away. As Mitch hugged him, Andy asked what would become of him. Mitch assured him that everything would be alright.

Afterwards, Andy finished his duties at Baywatch, and took a leave of absence from the Sheriff's department to undergo intensive psychotherapy to help him. Mitch got his truck back but unfortunately most of its content inside and out had been taken away.

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