April Giminski is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch

She was portrayed by actress and model Kelly Packard.

Physical AppearanceEdit

April was a slender attractive girl in her early twenties with short blonde hair and green eyes. She was 163 cm (5'4") and 48 kg (106 lbs).



Season 8Edit

Season 9Edit


  • Before her role as April, Kelly Packard also previously appeared as three other characters on the show, Joannie in the Season 2 episodes The Trophy Parts I and II, an unnamed Girl in the Season 3 episode War of Nerves  and Beth Campfield in the Season 6 episodes Trapped Beneath the Sea Parts I and II.
  • April is the only female character to cross over between Season 8 & Season 9 after the rest of the female Baywatch cast were all let go during what was described as the "Baywatch Bloodbath."

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