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April Giminski is a character in Baywatch

Physical Appearance[]

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April was a beautiful woman in her early twenties with short blonde hair and green eyes.

She was 163 cm (5'4") in height and 48 kg (106 lbs) in weight.


April is very devoted to her job and dives right into it when she's needed.

She was at first, embarrassed about making mistakes, such as when she first came to Baywatch, a man on a ski-boat rushed passed her and swept her off her surfboard. She didn't tell Baywatch and made her fellow trainees do the same. This later proved to be a huge mistake when the ski-boat owner caused even more damage and Mitch told her sternly to never hold anything like this from them again.

She also has a kind heart for mentally or physically challenged people on the beach and helps befriend them.

Skills and Abilities[]

April-kelly packard 24

April has very high energy and endurance, making her an excellent lifeguard. Like all the other lifeguards she is an accomplished swimmer and diver, knows First Aid, CPR and various rescue techniques. She is also very observant while she is watching from her tower or on patrol.


Season 8[]

April arrives from Wisconsin to attend rookie school. She advances to the next stage of rookie school after learning from Mitch that another candidate pulled her hamstring.

Later while while she, Lani and Sky are out training in the water, April is swept off her surfboard by a reckless driver on a ski-boat and nearly drowns. Though April was unhurt, Sky said that this should be reported but April was embarrassed and stubbornly told both her and Lani to not say anything as it would make the other lifeguards see her as unable to cope in the water. However this proves to be a huge mistake when the person on the ski-boat causes even more damage.

When the owner of the ski-boat is caught, it is revealed to be Richie, a trainee who was expelled from Rookie School who was upsetting things in act of revenge.

Afterwards April confesses to Mitch that she had already known about Richie and had made Sky and Lani keep it secret. Mitch reprimanded the girls for their secrecy, stating that lifeguards are on watch 24 hrs a day, on or off duty, being prepared for any emergency any time or any place. If any incident is seen, it should be reported straight away, keeping it secret only endangers lives. Though this lack of responsibility would have led to the three failing Rookie School, Mitch gave them another chance. April later suggests that she and Sky share an apartment by the beach.

April gets a visit from her mother and ill brother Charlie who didn't much time to live, so she tries her best to make Charlie's experience at Baywatch the best he has ever had. Eventually Charlie passes away and his funeral is held on the beach.

Sometime later Mitch, April, and Sky discover in the ocean the body of a Navy veteran whose name was still unknown, it was revealed that two elderly men were trying to bury their friend in secret which was illegal, but Mitch agreed to help them give him a proper burial.

April began a relationship with Manny, but she breaks it off after Manny bails out on the benefit dinner he and she were supposed to attend in memory of April's brother, Charlie, who died from medullary thyroid cancer. She then begins a relationship with Craig, who was now separated from Gina.

Season 9[]

April suffers a mental breakdown after a pregnant woman's husband goes missing in the ocean. The search unfortunately ends with the husband found dead. When Hobie gets arrested on manslaughter charges, April pitches in her $25,000 royalty check to help Mitch bail Hobie out after Mitch put his house up for sale as collateral.




  • Before her role as April, Kelly Packard also previously appeared as three other characters on the show as guest stars; Joannie in the Season 2 episodes The Trophy Parts I and II, a Beach Girl in the Season 2 episode War of Nerves and Beth Campfield in the Season 6 episodes Trapped Beneath the Sea Parts I and II. Footage of her as Joannie was used in the opening sequences of Seasons 4, 5 and 6 and she also made an uncredited appearance as one of the girls in a crowd strolling the beach in Baywatch Angels.
  • April is the only female character to cross over between Seasons 8 and 9 after the rest of the female Baywatch cast were all let go during what was described as the "Baywatch Bloodbath."
  • April wore the red swimsuit that had previously been worn by Alexandra Paul's character Stephanie Holden.
  • April is the only lifeguard to come from Wisconsin.
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