Bad Boyz is the third episode of the eleventh and final season of Baywatch, also known as the second season of Baywatch Hawaii. It was originally aired on October 16, 2000.

Guest Stars[]

  • Catherine Oxenberg as Erika
  • Theo Coumbis as Angelo

Episode Information[]

Sean has his hands full in dealing with Jenna who wants to close down the training center to make room for a group of crooked investors looking to turn the Oahu North Shore into a hotel chain. So, Leigh tries getting Erica, a British entrepreneur to be the Baywatch Hawaii sponsor in order to keep the training center open, but with complications whom she makes advances to Sean. Meanwhile, Carrie thinks that she is not lifeguard material after fear takes over during her first rescue after her reluctance to jump from a hovering helicopter into the water far below. Also, Leigh is flying Allie Reese's old helicopter with Zach and Carrie on board, but Zach and Carrie almost get suspended from rookie school when Zach jumps high and Carrie was scared to jump, after a disabled surfer with a broken leg shows off hang gliding. In the end, this time Jason rides with Leigh and Carrie and got to travel in Allie's old helicopter feeling nostalgic.



  • The helicopter that Leigh is flying with Zack and Carrie, is the same one that Allie flew last season.
  • This is the first time the training center is mentioned, where it doesn't involve Mitch having the idea of starting it.
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