Bash At The Beach is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on February 19, 1996.

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Wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage and the Baywatch lifeguards team up to battle Ric Flair and Big Van Vader in order to save a youth center from being closed and turned into beachfront condos. Meanwhile, Stephanie is devastated when she learns she has melanoma.



  • The Hogan-Vader and Savage-Flair matches were taped from the 'WCW Bash at the Beach 95' PPV which was held on July 16, 1995. However, this episode did not air until February 1996, by which point Vader had already been in WWE for a month, as he was fired from WCW for a backstage fight with Paul Orndorff in September 1995.
  • The title of the episode comes from the WCW Bash At The Beach 1995, which the episode was designed to promote.



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