The first season of Baywatch aired from 1989-1990

This was the season that started it all introducing us to Mitch Buchannon and the other Baywatch Lifeguards.

It is notably the tragic death of lifeguard Jill Riley and the departure of Trevor Cole, Gina Pomeroy and Craig Pomeroy as a regular character, who would later return in Season 8.

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Screenshot Title Original airdate Season Number #
"Panic at Malibu Pier" April 23, 1989 1 1
n the pilot, Mitch has just been promoted to lieutenant. Mitch and his ex-wife Gayle have an argument about what is best for their son Hobie. Eddie Kramer is the top rookie in the rookie class of '89, and Shauni McClain is one of the last ones to qualify. Shauni starts off as a terrible lifeguard, but the experienced Jill teaches her how to become a good lifeguard.

In order to cheer Hobie up, Mitch and his old lifeguard friend Al, take Hobie on a fishing trip. Then something happens and the boat sinks below the surface. Mitch and Al have to rescue the people on the boat. Tragedy strikes during the final rescue when Al gets trapped inside the wreck and dies. Baywatch arranges a funeral at sea for Al, with Mitch holding a speech.

"In Deep" September 22, 1989 1 2
Instead of attending summer school, Hobie decides to go power skiing with two friends, whose recklessness leads to a tragic accident. Eddie's lack of financial resources is revealed when Craig finds him sleeping in one of the lifeguard towers.
"Heat Wave" September 29, 1989 1 3
Two boys become stuck in a large drain that is rapidly filling with the incoming tide and Mitch leads a group to rescue them before it's too late. Meanwhile, Craig, under pressure from his law firm bosses, must make a decision whether to be a lawyer or lifeguard for the future.
"Second Wave" October 13, 1989 1 4
An old acquaintance of Eddie's comes to L.A. but it quickly becomes apparent that Eddie doesn't welcome this visit. Trevor dates a rich woman that is a handful for him to deal with and Mitch worries about upcoming mandatory tests that all lieutenants, including him, must take.
"Message in a Bottle" October 20, 1989 1 5
Mitch's ex-wife is planning to move to Ohio and wants to take Hobie with her. Upset over the squabbling that ensues, Hobie takes off with a friend and runs into pirates on a nearby island. Eddie and Shauni squabble after Shauni accidentally hurts Eddie.
"The Sky is Falling" October 27, 1989 1 6
Gayle and Mitch continue to fight over Gayle's plan to take Hobie with her. A plane crashes into the water near the beach with the occupants, after they are rescued, looking to recover a suitcase of stolen money that they had with them. Captain Thorpe decides to join Eddie and Shauni on their tower in order to teach them. Thorpe later detains the money thieves in a way that impresses Eddie.
"The Drowning Pool" November 3, 1989 1 7
A man is found drowned off the beach and Jill suspects foul play is the reason. She begins seeing the son of the victim and during the investigation discovers the man's cousin was responsible for his father's death. A man who helped Jill bring the victim ashore decides he wants to be a lifeguard as well even though he isn't qualified.
"Rookie School" November 10, 1989 1 8
A woman steals a book from a powerful man and hides out from him with the help of Eddie. Craig and Gina contemplate having children when they are married but have second thoughts after meeting a couple while on a romantic weekend. Trevor discovers that his hardest competitor among the rookies is doped.
"Cruise Ship" November 17, 1989 1 9
Eddie doesn't like Shauni's new boyfriend or the way he treats her when things don't go the way he wants. Also Hobie gets in trouble with a girl who likes him. Meanwhile, a man who organizes large parties on a boat becomes a problem for the lifeguards at Baywatch.
"The Cretin of the Shallows" December 1, 1989 1 10
A new hotel opens near the beach and a string of murders occur around the same time which convinces Craig the two may be connected. Meanwhile, Eddie's dreams as he gets dental work causes him to act nervous around Craig's wife. On the beach Shauni finds herself strongly adored.
"Shelter Me" December 8, 1989 1 11
An approaching tropical storm has the Baywatch lifeguards preparing for its effects but the presence of two wanted criminals cause unforeseen events. Eddie and Shauni rest. Hobie and a girl have storm parties.
"The Reunion" December 15, 1989 1 12
Mitch attends his high school reunion and meets a classmate that stirs up old feelings. Eddie, frustrated at having no car, buys one at an extremely low price from a buddy but quickly discovers the reason why the cost was so low.
"Armored Car" January 5, 1990 1 13
A proam beach volleyball tournament is being held and Trevor tries to convince Jill to be his partner for the competition. Their main rival in the competition is Jill's ex-partner which cements Jill's resolve to compete. Meanwhile, an exhibition geared to drum up interest in saving a local pier leads to Shauni & Eddie becoming trapped underwater in a locked armoured truck after part of the pier collapses.
"Home Cort" January 12, 1990 1 14
A new lifeguard arrives at Baywatch and stirs up different emotions for the current staff. Jill and Shauni go into business selling sandwiches but find competition to be stiffer than expected.
"We Need a Vacation" January 26, 1990 1 15
Craig joins Cort and Eddie on a trip to Mexico for a long overdue vacation but things turn quite differently than any of them expect. Meanwhile, Mitch has an unexpected houseguest and Hobie falls in love with Shaunie.
"Muddy Waters" February 2, 1990 1 16
Cort and Eddie go to a local water them park to teach teenagers about lifeguard duties but one of them quickly resents Eddie's presence. Back at Baywatch, Hobie finds out that parents of his fellow students at school take a dim view of lifeguarding as an occupation and Shauni gets into trouble over pictures of her in a pinup magazine.
"Snake Eyes" February 9, 1990 1 17
An illegal offshore casino causes problems for Cort and some of his fellow lifeguards. Hobie thinks his English class is going to be a breeze when Mitch starts dating his teacher but soon learns otherwise.
"Eclipse" February 23, 1990 1 18
Eddie believes he sees a ghost by the water and has the others believing that he is losing his mind. Hobie learns that a friend's pet is going to put to sleep for an alleged attack and resolves to help both of them.
"Shark Derby" March 2, 1990 1 19
A local business owner organizes a shark derby but the event quickly spirals out of control and leads Jill to run into the water to save a little boy but then is attacked by the shark. She is saved by Mitch but later dies from a blood aneurysm.
"The Big Race" March 16, 1990 1 20
Cort enters a race to win the prize money and fulfill a pledge he makes on a yearly basis. Meanwhile, Shauni anguishes over the events of the past few weeks and deliberates her future.
"Old Friends" March 30, 1990 1 21
Mitch, Craig and Garner go on a handgliding trip that results in a series of accidents for all three. Meanwhile, Cort sees someone that he thought had died a year ago.
"The End?" April 6, 1990 1 22
An earthquake shakes Baywatch headquarters and causes many problems for the lifeguards and for one, a life altering decision is made.
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