The third season of Baywatch aired from 1992-1993.

It saw the debut of characters such as popular C.J. Parker, Matt Brody, Stephanie Holden and Summer Quinn as well as one-time character Jimmy Slade. It also saw the departures of Shauni McClain and Eddie Kramer.

Main Cast[]

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Screenshot Title Original airdate Season Number #
"River of No Return, Part I" September 14, 1992 3 1
Pamela Anderson (as C.J. Parker) makes her first appearance in this two-part episode. Eddie and Shauni are having problems in their relationship; Mitch finds out that his uncle may have found the golden boot; a singer is looking for a job in L.A.
"River of No Return, Part II" September 21, 1992 3 2
Drew shoots at the raft; And Shauni is taken hostage, she is pushed off the cliff and luckily Eddie and Mitch save her, she finds out that she's not pregnant and is upset, then Eddie proposes to her. Mitch climbs down with the help of a rope and finds the golden boot; Jed arrives at the trailer; Eddie marries Shauni and they both move to Australia.
"Tequila Bay" September 28, 1992 3 3
A woman from Mitch's past becomes one of his fellow lifeguards and stirs up memories for Mitch; Matt must contend with surfers wanting to take over part of the beach.
"Rookie of the Year" October 5, 1992 3 4
The lifeguards compete against each other to determine who is the best; Stephanie and CJ move in together but things get complicated for both of them.
"Pier Pressure" October 12, 1992 3 5
Hobie weaves a web of lies (Mostly, because of Mitch and himself) to impress the girl Heather (Juliet Sorcey); Summer is humiliated when she mistakes an offhand invitation from Jimmy Slade for a date. There is an appearance by Elizabeth Berkley as Courtney Bremmer.
"Showdown at Malibu Beach High" October 19, 1992 3 6
The love strings between Courtney (Elizabeth Berkley), Slade and Summer are pulled tight; C.J. accepts a position at Malibu Beach High; Garner tires of work.
"Point Doom" October 26, 1992 3 7
Matt drives his motorcycle on the cliffs above Malibu and challenges Hudson; Mitch trains to beat Stephanie with Garner as his coach.
"Princess of Tides" November 2, 1992 3 8
C.J. is almost run over in a race, causing Mitch and Newmie to finish; Lewiston is engaged to a princess; Catherine's bodyguard Roland kidnaps her.
"Masquerade" November 9, 1992 2 9
Mitch and Stephanie go undercover as two wealthy individuals to stop murderous pirates from taking over Baywatch.
"Lifeguards Can't Jump" November 16, 1992 3 10
Mitch and Stephanie discover a dead man on some rocks; C.J. meets a couple on their honeymoon named Dennis and Arlene; unfortunately Dennis falls in love with C.J. and ends up deceiving both her and his wife.
"Dead of Summer" November 23, 1992 3 11
The governor holds a speech on the pier; three bad guys plan to blow the pier into pieces with a boat. Garner meets his sister's old friend Wendi again.
"A Matter of Life and Death" January 4, 1993 3 12
Mitch's parents come to visit; Al, Mitch's father, wants him to take over his architectural firm; Summer must tell Jackie about her horrible nightmares.
"Island of Romance" January 11, 1993 3 13
C.J. and Stephanie go to Catalina for their women weekend, but the trip doesn't go according to plan; Hobie and Mitch agree to hire a housekeeper.
"Strangers Among Us" January 18, 1993 3 14
A diamond smuggler looks for loot he has hidden in one of Slade's surfboards; a group searching for extra terrestrials drives the lifeguards crazy.
"Vacation, Part I" January 25, 1993 3 15
Guido tells Mitch that he has started a new business called Windows by Guido; a Captain named Rolf Angstrom visits headquarters; a drug dealer escapes.
"Vacation, Part II" February 1, 1993 3 16
Stephanie is shot of the cruise boat by a drug dealing women and Mitch jumps in to save her. They struggle to stay afloat in the water; Matt and C.J. win big in the casino; Summer gets worried when she can't find Mitch.
"The Tower" February 8, 1993 3 17
A murderer escapes from prison; Kilmer and Stephanie drive to Summer's tower where Kilmer takes them hostage; Hobie makes a periscope for his science class.
"Stakeout at Surfrider Beach" February 15, 1993 3 18
An actress, who is running from two crooks, is saved by Mitch. He decides to help her capture them; Guido attempts to convince his visiting mother that he is a lifeguard.
"Shattered, Part I" April 19, 1993 3 19
Three teens are trapped on some cliffs with massive waves surrounding them; Mitch is soon paralyzed from the cliffs after rescuing them; Riddick is sent to L.A. to kill Jason.
"Shattered, Part II" April 26, 1993 3 20
Eddie must contend with gangsters, while Mitch is going through rehabilitation.
"Kicks" May 3, 1993 3 21
Matt competes in kickboxing with Mitch as his coach; Mitch meets Michael Branson again; C.J. has the opportunity to become a model.
"Fatal Exchange" May 10, 1993 3 22
Strange occurrences take place at Baywatch after the arrival of a new lifeguard.
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