Baywatch Down Under, Part I is the sixteenth episode of the ninth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on February 15, 1999.

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Mitch's Zuma Beach lifeguard friend, Jake Barnes, learns that his Australian ex-wife has suddenly died. So he, Mitch, Alex, April, Cody, and Jessie go on a trip to Australia where Jake is to meet the eight-year-old son, Terry, that he never knew. Upon arrival, Jake with Jessie in tow, travel to the Avalon Beach Resort Club where Jake meets with Terry and his ex-wife's friend Allie Reese, a helicopter pilot and lifeguard at the beach club, where Jake and Terry seem to hit it off. Meanwhile, Mitch meets with his Australian lifeguard friend/nemesis, Kip, who wants Mitch and his team for a Eco Race between Baywatch and the local Australian lifeguards, which sets the stage for a major feud between the Baywatch and Australian lifeguards.


  • Jodie Meares is credited in this episode. But she only appears in Baywatch Down Under, Part II.
  • Guest star Simmone Mackinnon (Allie) reprised her role the following season when she joined the cast as a regular cast member.
  • The following season of Baywatch was to take place entirely in Australia. This two-part episode set up the series' transition to Australia, however, when locals began to picket the series moving to their beaches, producers decided to relocate the series to Hawaii instead.
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