Baywatch Grand Prix is the fifteenth episode of the ninth season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on February 8, 1999.

Guest Stars[]

  • Peter Barton as Damon Lusk
  • Cameron Finley as Tanner Sloan
  • Joseph Della Sorte as Ervin
  • Deborah Walley as Ethel
  • Chris Fiore as Chris
  • Mark Martin as Himself
  • Wyland as Himself

Episode Information[]

Mitch gets the kids need for speed when Tanner's cousin Damon Lusk, a race car driver, visits for a race car competition, and who also has a meeting of the minds with Alex. But when Damon falls ill due to food poisoning, he asks Mitch to take his place for a major grand prix race, where Mitch comes up against an old rival from the kids his own former race car days. Meanwhile, after the rescue of an obnoxious couple from the ocean that attracts a lot of media attention, Newman, Cody, April and the other lifeguards help to develop a new TV show about lifeguards, titled 'Beachside', which Newman's brother-in-law is going to sponsor.


  • When Cody and April meet with TV executives about the proposed "Beachside" series, Cody sees a poster of Pamela Anderson for her new TV-series VIP. Pamela had previously played C.J. Parker on Baywatch for five seasons from 1992-1997.


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