The Baywatch Hawaii Female Wetsuit is an article of clothing worn by the female Baywatch lifeguards on the Baywatch Hawaii elite lifeguard team during Season 10 and 11 (also known as Baywatch Hawaii Season 1 and 2).

The creation of the suit[]

Due to the cold conditions of the water around the islands of Hawaii, the team of lifeguards needed something more substantial than their yellow swimsuits.

This wetsuit was manufactured by XCEL and is worn when the lifeguards are training or are on a rescue when the weather conditions are bad or they know the water will be cold in contrast to wearing the yellow swimsuit when in the Training Centre or patrolling the beaches of Hawaii.

It is worn by nearly all the female lifeguards of the team in Season 10 and worn by Leigh Dyer briefly in season 11.


This wetsuit is a high neck design with a closed zipper back and with an average height cut leg. It has a bright yellow trim round both the legs and arms with a floral hibiscus collar around the neck. It also has the XCEL around the left side of the leg. This floral colour scheme is identical to the Baywatch Hawaii Floral Rash Guard also worn by the female lifeguards.

It is almost identical to the Baywatch Black Off Duty Swimsuit from Seasons 7-9 although this wetsuit is made of neoprene so it keeps the wearer incredibly warm.



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