The Baywatch Hawaii Floral Rash Guard is an article of clothing worn by the female Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguards when they are off duty or training.

The creation of the rash guard[]

During season 10 (also known as Season 1 of Baywatch Hawaii), the black TYR off duty suit were replaced with a more tropical style rash guard top with bikini bottoms or shorts. The floral pattern was incredibly eye catching and sold the image to the world that Hawaii was at one with nature and reflected the islands cultural beliefs.

These had bright red sleeves decorated in a floral pattern and a bright yellow and red trimmed torso area with red and yellow bikini bottoms or floral shorts. Two different designs were made to be customizable to the actresses with the choice of long or short sleeves with the bikini bottoms or shorts.

In one episode Jessie and Kekoa rip their sleeves off and use them as straps to hold together their surf ski boards to rescue a victim – demonstrating the practical usage in a rescue situation.

In another episode, the ladies had matching red towels to compliment their floral rash guards.

However, despite their eye-catching appeal and practicality, the floral rash guards only featured in Season 10. In Season 11 they were replaced by a more subtle black cropped bikini.

The floral rash guard made a come back during Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (also known as the Baywatch Hawaiian Reunion movie). This time however, none of the life guards wore it. It was worn only by extras who played waitresses at C.J.'s Hawaiian Bar and Grill. The rash guard had large black and red lettering saying C.J.'s Bar and Grill with a little black hibiscus image too.





  • Both Dawn (opening credits only) and Allie have only been seen wearing the long sleeved floral bikini rash guards in photos, they've never wore them in any of the episodes they appear in.
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