The Baywatch Red Lifeguard Shorts are an article of clothing worn by the male lifeguards of Baywatch when they are on beach duty or doing other particular tasks. They are also sometimes worn by the female lifeguards over their red swimsuits. It has now become one of the most famous cultural icons of the franchise, as well as a global pop icon! It has shaped beach fashion globally and similar style shorts are all the range being seen at beaches all over the world and across the many realms of social media.

The creation of the shorts[]

The shorts were first Introduced in the pilot episode Panic at Malibu Pier used by the male lifeguards of the Los Angeles County.

The shorts had an elastic waistband at the top and displayed an original Los Angeles Lifeguard County patch on it from the first two seasons, but later on from the third season to the present, the iconic Baywatch Lifeguard patch, having an impact on the show. Later on in the reunion film, the design was changed with a white trim, stitching, pockets, a fly zip and front ties.

Gregory J. Bonann, one of the creators of the series and lifeguard himself, enlisted TYR, a competitive swimwear company, for help with the design with the same intention of making it comfortable for the male actors. Unlike the red swimsuit, the TYR logo isn't seen on the shorts.

Deeming the shorts' shade of red a powerful and heroic hue, Michael Berk worked with Pantone, the colour standards company, to make “Baywatch Red” a proprietary shade. In 2019 this dream became a reality when Pantone declared "Baywatch Red" a special Pantone colour shade.




Other wearers of the shorts[]


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