Beach Blast is the sixth episode of the seventh season of Baywatch. It was originally aired on October 28, 1996.

Guest Stars[]

  • Jenny McCarthy as Herself
  • Bill Bellamy as Himself
  • John Sencio as Himself
  • Simon Rex as Himself
  • Idalis Deleon as Herself
  • Elke Jeinsen as Beach Girl
  • Rhonda Rydell as Catonda Loose

Episode Information[]

To help promote sponsors for the Special Olympics athletes, Mitch enlists the aid of Jenny McCarthy and the other MTV VJ’s. The result: the “Beach Blast” competition! Full-out, sand-in-your-face beach and water games played live on MTV, Baywatch Lifeguards versus MTV VJ’s. Everyone’s a winner since all proceeds go to the Special Olympics. And Mitch finds himself being admired from afar by Idalis, who later reveals to him that he saved her from drowning when she was a little girl.



Marliece in Beachblast2

Marliece's cameo in Beach Blast

  • When C.J. turns on the T.V. she is watching Season 2's episode "Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale" where Eddie and Shani find Gilligan and Mary Ann. You can hear Eddie say "You're right, Gilligan. It is bigger on the inside."
  • Jenny McCarthy who had previously guest starred as April Morella in a previous episode in the series, returns as herself.
  • Marliece Andrada appears uncredited as one of the beach girls during the boxing match. The red bikini she wears is the same as one of the three she wore in her acting debut in the television series Arli$$ where she played a Catalina Tropic Babe.


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