Caroline 14

Lifeguard Caroline Holden putting up one of the flags.

The Beach Flags are very important equipment used by the lifeguards of both the Los Angeles County and Hawaii.

They are used on parts of the beach to tell beachgoers, surfers or anyone else important information and how to assess the situation. It is also best for the beachgoers to ask the lifeguards what these flags mean to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

The flags are big and tall to ensure that they can be seen by anyone on the beach.

Most of them are as follows:

  • Red: High hazard, beach closed, no swimming
  • Yellow: Medium hazard, caution required
  • Green: Safe beach, but still be cautious
  • Orange: No lifeguard present
  • Purple: Dangerous marine creatures in the water
  • Blackball (Yellow flag with a large Black spot in the middle): Any watercraft is prohibited from being used.

Others may also be used depending on the circumstances and situations on the beach. All in all in the same way as the signs, the flags must be seen and obeyed to ensure the safety of everyone on the beach.