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The unnamed Beach Girl is a minor character in Baywatch.


Not much is known about her, however judging by her actions in this episode, she liked to have fun and didn't always follow the rules of safety.


Beach Girl (Kelly Packard) 6

The girl hanging out with her friends.

She is seen with some friends hanging around the rocks near a jetty on the beach, listening to music, dancing and drinking beer, despite the fact it wasn't allowed and they were all under age.

Soon one of her friends is balancing dangerously on a loose rock even though she tells him to be careful. He suddenly falls off backwards onto the ground and the rock he was standing on, collapses and traps his left leg.

Beach Girl (Kelly Packard) 17

The girl asking Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon for help.

She then rushes with another friend to find a lifeguard on duty who at that moment is Mitch Buchannon who is watching the beach in his truck. She explains the situation to him and he along with Newmie Newman and another lifeguard manage to dislodge the rock from under the boy's leg, but the leg appears to be broken.

She watches with shock as the lifeguards place her friend into the back of the truck with Newmie staying with him and the other driving it to the hospital.

Beach Girl (Kelly Packard) 24

The girl feeling foolish after being berated by Mitch and told to leave the beach.

Mitch then berates her and all the others who were drinking by saying that they should learn a lesson from their injured friend of how dangerous it is to drink alcohol on the beach, besides which they were also under age anyway. He then orders them to leave.

The girl walks away with the others, looking upset and feeling extremely foolish.

She is never seen again after this, but you can guarantee she never drank alcohol or put herself and others at risk again.


  • This was the second guest role Kelly played before later joining the main cast as April Giminski.
  • Kelly is seen wearing the same purple bikini that she wore while playing her first guest role as Joannie and footage of Joannie and her friends on the beach would later be used in the opening sequences of Seasons 4, 5 and 6.