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Lifeguard Donna Marco putting up a sign.

The Beach Signs are very important equipment used by the lifeguards of both the Los Angeles County and Hawaii.

The signs are used to warn beachgoers or anyone else that a certain part of the beach is dangerous. They are put up along the beach every 50 yards. The signs are large with the words and picture being as clear as possible.

These are as follows:

  • Warning Sign with Yellow Background: The most commonly used one. It indicates that due to testing, certain areas of the beach will be dangerous due to high bacterial levels telling everyone to avoid contact with the water at all times.
  • Warning Sign with White Background: This one is used at or near storm drains to tell everyone to avoid water contact due to the dangers caused by high levels of bacteria at or adjacent to the storm drain.
  • Beach Closed Sign with Red Background: This one is put up when there is a sewage spill or chemical discharge on a certain area of the beach affecting ocean waters. All forms of contact with the water is prohibited.

There area also signs that indicate rules of water safety, who to talk to about it and certain areas that have been reserved or closed down for a certain purpose. All in all in the same way as the flags, the signs must be seen and obeyed to ensure the safety of everyone on the beach.