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Bethany "Beth" Campfield is a minor character who appeared in two episodes of Baywatch.


Beth was the daughter of rich proprietor Edward Campfield. Lifeguard Logan Fowler who working with his partner Gator designing swimwear saw this as a golden opportunity to get into Mr. Campfield's good books as his investor and double-cross his partner by taking all the credit for the designs himself.

He began dating Beth and showing off the designs to her father who was most impressed. Beth was oblivious to the fact that she was being used and thought Logan's feelings for her were genuine. However Gator soon found out what Logan was up to and took the investment from him, taking the credit himself.

Beth then dumped Logan after finding out about his deception and dated Gator.


  • This was the third guest role Kelly played before later joining the main cast as April Giminski.