Blindside is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Baywatch. It originally aired on October 9, 1993.

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John D. Cort, Mitch’s friend and a former lifeguard, returns to Baywatch where his life undergoes a devastating change. Meanwhile, Hobie goes to a sideshow to see "Manuel the Argentine Giant", but instead finds a depressed man who he tries to befriend. Cort attempts to resume his old job and passes his exam, but Mitch finds Cort's behavior questionable during a rescue when Cort bumps into several beachgoers while proceeding to the water. Hobie learns that Manuel, or Manny as he prefers to be called, is an illegal immigrant with no friends or family who is being used by a carnival owner as the sideshow attraction. His depression stems from the recent death of his mother in Argentina and that he seems to have no opportunities in the United States. When Hobie sees clay sculptures of pelicans, he tries to convince Manny he could be a sculptor. Mitch takes Cort to a reputable eye doctor, who has bad news for Cort. Cort has been diagnosed with tunnel vision, which means he can only see within a limited scope, and will eventually go blind.


  • Nicole Eggert, David Charvet, Alexandra Paul and Gregory Alan Williams do not appear in this episode, although they are credited.
  • WWF wrestler Jorge "the Giant" Gonzalez starts as Manny. He wore his same WWF outfit when doing his job as "Manuel the Argentine Giant".
  • Similar goof to episode 'Race against Time part 2'. In the scene where Mitch and Hobie see Manny fall off the pier, Hobie is wearing flip flops. When Hobie gets down to help pull Manny out of the water, he is barefoot again! Does he just a bad habit of losing his shoes, or as suggested by someone, did he get tickled again?
  • Former Baywatch regular John Allen Nelson (Cort) returns to guest star in this episode.
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