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The un-named Blonde Con-Artist was a villain in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

She is a beautiful slender woman in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes.


Not much is known about her except she and her male partner and lover were responsible for robbing people on various beaches.

The girl's way of the partnership was to use her looks and body as an advantage. Knowing she was a head-turner, the girl would take a shower on the beach topless, distracting the men and other passers by, whilst her partner grabbed as much of their belongings as possible.


On one particular day at Los Angeles County beach, she was in a bikini, showering topless using one of the beach showers in front of several awestruck ogling men, mostly teenagers. However lifeguard Matt Brody who was on duty, saw what was happening, covered her with a towel and told her to get dressed. The girl explained that she was just washing the sand off her body, but Matt told her that she was in violation of the Los Angeles County ordinance, resulting in the teenagers booing and hissing him.

Knowing that Matt was just as awestruck by her beauty and body as the others and under pressure, she sweet-talked him into letting her off with a warning. He reluctantly agreed but warned her that next time she would be facing a $250 fine, though the teenagers said they'd be happy to pay it for her, even offering her a chance to shower at their own places. She finally got dressed and grabbed her belongings. She thanked Matt and told him how sweet he was and walked to her bike. Knowing that her partner by now had robbed the beachgoers, she left, saying goodbye and muttering "Suckers" under her breath.

After discovering what had happened which included his wallet being stolen, Matt teamed up with Hobie Buchannon and Police officer Garner Ellerbee to find her without much success. Knowing that she would be recognised if she was seen on the beach again, she donned a brown wig and used the same ruse again, this time using a shower near the bike racks. However the wig didn't fool Hobie and he immediately told Matt it was the same girl. Matt then saw her partner already on the beach robbing the beachgoers and after phoning Garner to come to the beach as soon as possible, he set off after him. Seeing Matt coming towards him, the man tried to flee, but Matt chased him down the beach and streets, caught him and took the robber away.

Sometime later, the girl turned around to see her partner gone and realized that they'd been found out. She then saw Garner in the distance, racing towards her on his quad bike. Not wanting to be captured, she tried to escape on her bike, but Garner's fast quad bike was no match for her. She smiled sheepishly as he caught up with her and was placed under arrest. Knowing she'd been foiled, she removed her wig to reveal that she was indeed the same person who had helped rob the beachgoers before, leaving Garner shocked. She and her partner were presumably imprisoned after this.


  • This was Heidi's first guest appearance on the show, she would later play Holly in the Season 6 two-parter Forbidden Paradise and well as it's TV movie of the same name.