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Bobbie J. Phillips (Born January 29, 1968) is an actress, model, martial artist and Animal advocate who portrayed two characters in Baywatch; an unnamed lifeguard in the Season 2 episode War of Nerves and Kim in the Season 5 episode Red Wind.

She is best known for her lead role as Kam in the Chameleon television film trilogy and her various roles in television dramas; Rhonda in The Bold and the Beautiful, Lori Danworth in The Watcher, Dr. Bambi Berenbaum in the sci-fi drama series The X Files episode War of the Coprophages, which won her an award for Best Actress, Julia Constello in Murder One and Lt. Cmdr Barbara De Santos in The Cape.

Bobbie has also appeared in various other movies and television including They Came From Outer Space (her debut acting role), Married With Children, The Cover Girl Murders, Showgirls (which starred Elizabeth Berkley), Two Guys and a Girl, Cheyenne, Stargate SG-1, Hustle and Love Blossoms. She often changed the color of her brown hair to blonde for her various roles and photoshoots

Kim was formerly married to Mark Joseph Ridgeway, Jr. with whom she has a son named Mark. She is now currently married to her former hair stylist Anthony Flipetto.

Bobbie now devotes herself to animal rescue work and is part of the Embark rescue service in Sri Lanka.

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