Captain Casey Jean Parker is a minor character in the Baywatch film.


According to Mitch Buchannon, Casey Jean was managing the Hawaii Lifeguard division and making it successful. She is only seen in the last few minutes of the film being introduced by Mitch to the lifeguard team of C.J. Parker (Casey's daughter), Stephanie Holden, Ronnie Greenbaum, Matt Brody and Summer Quinn.

When she appears, Ronnie, Stephanie and Summer all agree that she is moving in "Super slow-motion" and C.J. says this may take a while. Mitch replies: "That's how we roll."


  • Pamela had previously played the original C.J. Parker in the original franchise, which is still one of her most iconic roles to this day.
  • Pamela and David Hasselhoff (who made a cameo as the mentor of the film's Mitch) are the only original cast members to appear in the film. However unlike David's cameo, Pamela's was non-speaking.
  • Pamela disliked the film and said this when interviewed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen: "I didn't like it. Let's just keep the bad TV as bad TV. That's what's charming about it. Trying to make these movies that are television are just messing with it." She also commented that she thought the amount of money used to make the movie was unnecessary: "Sixty-five million dollars could make a great movie. We made our shows for, like, $500,000. We had the same explosions, the same scenes in the water. That was the fun part, being creative."