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Caroline Larkin is a minor character in Baywatch.


Caroline is a attractive teenager with long brown curly hair, brown eyes and a mole on her left cheek.


Caroline is a kind, shy girl who suffers from low self esteem and just wants to fit in with people.

She is afraid of her over protective father who puts pressure on her and never wants to disappoint him.

However she also does things without thinking of the consequences which is shown when one small lie she uses to impress some girls turns into a serious problem that gets someone into trouble. Towards the end she excepts that she has a problem and goes for counselling in Ohio and apologizes to who she has hurt.


When Caroline gets to the beach, she tries to befriend some girls playing volleyball, but they ignore her, so after she sees them smitten with lifeguard Eddie Kramer, she comes up with a twisted scheme to get their attention. Firstly by pretending to swim too far out which makes Eddie go and save her, then trying to seduce him in the tower after he allowed her to change her clothes there which he rejects and leaving her bathing suit there.

She goes to Eddie to get the suit back and the other girls are watching. Some of them go over to her and ask what happened. After realizing how popular this has made her she makes up some story of getting drunk and making out with Eddie. They are impressed except for Jenna who is jealous and tells Caroline's dad Frank all about it.

Knowing she is in trouble, Caroline sticks with the story resulting in poor Eddie being arrested and then suspended from Baywatch on a sexual assault charge. Eddie's girlfriend Shauni McClain comes to see her by the pier and tells her that she knows how hard it is to fit in, but this lie will only continue to hurt more people. She goes into a fit saying that Shauni only wants Eddie cleared and doesn't care about her, in fact nobody has and jumps off the pier into the ocean. Eddie and Shauni rescue her and Frank after finally realising what Caroline did, drops the charges.

Later Caroline goes to see Eddie and once again apologizes for her actions. Eddie forgives her but says that lying to impress people and then committing suicide when things get too rough is not the best way to live your life. She then says that Shauni is very lucky to have a great guy like him before shaking hands with Eddie and leaving. Caroline moves with her dad back to Ohio to seek counselling.