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Carrie Sharp is a character in Baywatch

Physical Appearance[]

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Carrie is a beautiful woman in her late-twenties with short dark brown hair and brown eyes.

She is 173 cm (5'8") in height and 50 kg (110 lbs) in weight.


She has a strong sense of determination and belief that she can handle things on her own. She has a warm heart and gets emotional when her and Jason Ioane's brief relationship comes to an end. She also catches the eye of fellow trainee Zack McEwan from the beginning - however she finds his crazy attitude incredibly annoying.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 2[]

From the beginning of season 2, Carrie is centre stage as one of the new trainees taken in by the Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguard Training Centre. Before coming to the training centre she was a lifeguard in San Diego on the mainland.

Carrie gets to know Jason quite well. They instantly bond and have quite a whirlwind romance. However, this is short lived as after spending the night together Jason goes about his usual business of talking to any girl he lays his eyes on. At first Carrie is incredibly upset by this as she believed they had something special, however over time the emotions heal and they become friends again.

Carries personality clashes with the sole objective of the training centre - teamwork. In one instance she is frightened to jump from a helicopter to make a rescue, despite it hovering at the same height as the pier jump (a standard requirement of all on duty lifeguards). After a little bit of work and help from the team, her confidence soars and she makes the jump second time round!

Over time she develops a strong sense of the values of a team and earns a spot on the elite lifeguard team progressing from a Rookie to a fully fledged member wearing the Lifeguard swimsuit.

During one of her rescues, a victim becomes close to Carrie. At first she seems comfortable around him, however when he keeps mentioning thinks she never told him Carrie begins to feel something is not quite right. After pushing him away, he keeps coming back and this really annoys and upsets Carrie to the point of which her career at Baywatch Hawaii is up for question.


While her role is a recurring, Carrie appeared with the main cast in photos.



Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 2[]

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