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Catherine Larsen, also known as Kate McCoy was a minor character in Baywatch.


Catherine was an undercover investigative reporter from Washington DC who had discovered a international conspiracy of selling illegal weaponry led by criminal Edward Falcon whilst writing a piece for World Journal magazine, making her a target for assassination. Despite support and protection from the NBI (National Bureau Investigation), Catherine decided that her safety was better if no one including them knew where she was, until she finished writing her manifesto on Falcon.

After leaving a note for them in her hotel room, she moved to Catalina and took on the alias of Kate McCoy, attempting to get out of the public eye as much as possible. She also hid her evidence under a seat of her sofa at her residence. The NBI decided what she knew was too precious to take chances with so they decided to find her and put her back under protective custody.

During a fishing trip whilst trying to avoid being photographed, the boat struck an object underwater and began to sink, alerting Baywatch Lifeguards Mitch Buchannon, Matt Brody and Summer Quinn who were on ocean patrol at that time. Some of the people on board panicked and began to jump into the water.

Catherine herself went below and found where the hole in the boat was, whilst the lifeguards called the coast guard and Matt and Summer retrieved the people from the water. Mitch went on board and she encouraged him to join her to fix the hole, but Mitch told her to get out and not put her life in danger, but she insisted and together they fixed the hole using Mitch's wetsuit.

Later Catherine helped Mitch fill out a incident report, trying to not give too much away, knowing that too much publicity would blow her cover and that Falcon was still looking for her. Mitch invited her to dinner at his house in Los Angeles and she accepted.

Catherine and Mitch

Catherine spending a day on the beach with Mitch.

After making dinner and exchanging conversation, Catherine and Mitch began to bond and start a relationship. Even though Catherine felt safe with Mitch more than she ever had with anyone else, she still kept her personal life a secret from him. She also warned him not to get too involved in her life.

The next day she was persuaded by Mitch to spend a day on the beach near his tower before he returned her back to Catalina. Unfortunately while she was enjoying herself, one of NBI agent Matthers who was sent to find her but was also working for Falcon, came to Mitch's beach in disguise and punctured her sunscreen bottle, lacing it with poison. Though she noticed the puncture, she had no idea about the sabotage so she applied it and lay down to sunbathe, dying instantly.

Catherine Dead

Mitch finding Catherine dead after being poisoned.

Mitch was devastated and spent most of the time finding out what happened with the help of his friend Garner Ellerbee and discovered the information Catherine had against Falcon and that Matthers was involved. Mitch found Matthers at Catherine's residence and prevented him from destroying the evidence, overpowering him and sending him to authorities.

Thanks to Catherine's evidence and Mitch's involvement, Falcon was sent to prison for good with Matthers joining him as an accomplice, though Mitch was sad to lose someone he truly loved, despite not known fully who she was.