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Cynthia "Cindy" Dawn Margolis (Born October 1, 1965) is an actress, model and talk show hostess who portrayed characters in both Baywatch and its spin-off Baywatch Nights.

She first portrayed an unnamed Beach Girl in the Baywatch Season 4 episode Skyrider and then Katy Calder in the Baywatch Nights Season 2 episode Circle of Fear.

Cindy is also known for being a model on the television game show The Price is Right, her talk show The Cindy Margolis Show, her many commercial appearances and her various roles in film and television including Married with Children, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (with Barbara Moore), Earth Minus Zero, Chairman of the Board, Joey, Bad Publicity and Sharknado 3. She has also been in two reality television shows Seducing Cindy and Beverly Hills Nannies.

Cindy also held the World Record in 1999 for the most downloaded model on the internet, placing her in the Guinness Book of Records for 2000. However she was surpassed by another model Danni Ashe, but later in 2001, Guinness gave them a shared record with Cindy having the highest for a non-subscription website and Danni having the highest for a subscription website.

She was formerly married to Guy Starkman for eleven years with whom she has three children a boy called Nicholas Issac Starkman and twin daughters Sabrina and Sierra Starkman.

Characters portrayed by Cindy Margolis in the franchise[]

Beach Girl
Beach Girl


  • Cindy was the second model from The Price is Right to appear on Baywatch, the first was Gena Lee Nolin and the third was Alicia Rickter, though Gena and Alicia were official cast members.