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Cody Madison is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]


As well as being a valuable lifeguard, Cody is also generous, compassionate and has a great sense of humour. While there are times when he can be stubborn, ambitious and wild spirited.

He is an accomplished swimmer and hopes to try for the Olympics someday.


Season 6[]

Cody first appears when Stephanie was coaching her girls swim team. Stephanie informs Caroline and C.J. Cody's parents died in one of the Midwest floods and Cody still has the potential to make the Olympics. Stephanie desires to coach him, but Carolina thinks Cody would be a distraction for Stephanie's swim team.

Season 7[]

Cody helps a roller hockey team named the Mighty Ducks win the NHL Breakout title against the Blackhawks. Cody meets a mermaid named Mellisande and starts dreaming about her. It turns out the mermaid is in love with a man named Christopher who looks just like Cody. Mellisande moves on after finding Cody and C.J. kissing each other, but retrieves the locket containing Christopher's image. C.J. tells Cody she wants to be a mother someday, but Cody isn't ready to settle down. Cody later proposes to C.J.

Season 8[]

Cody and Lani start a relationship after Cody tells her that C.J. got married to a rock star in Mexico. This meant either C.J. turned down Cody's marriage proposal or broke off the engagement later on. Cody helps Lani adjust to life without hearing after she ruptures her eardrums in a rescue attempt, but Lani gets her hearing back after hearing a girl cry out for her mother.

Season 9[]

Cody's relationship with Lani ends when he learns via letter than she got engaged to someone else.


  • Cody is one of the longest serving characters in the series, appearing in 65 episodes.
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