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Craig Pomeroy is a character in Baywatch.

He is a lawyer and lifeguard.

Part way through Season 1, Craig quits his law firm to become a full-time lifeguard at Baywatch, while continuing to be a lawyer from home. Craig is married to Gina Pomeroy, but is later revealed to be divorced upon returning in Season 9. Thereafter, he begins a relationship with 2nd year lifeguard April Giminski.

Physical Appearance[]

Craig is a man in his late twenties to early thirties during his first stint on Baywatch. He has muscular physique, broad shoulders, brown hair, and green-blue eyes. During his second stint he is in his early forties.


He is kind, dedicated to his job and a by the books kind of guy.

Early Life[]


Season 1[]

After doing tower checks one morning Craig finds Eddie has been living in one of them. He takes him home and introduces him to his wife, Gina. Gina offers Eddie their on-unit storage room to live in, to some annoyance of Craig.

Craig has been living a double-life as a lawyer and lifeguard and after a client demands a refund, Craig is given an ultimatum by the law firm he works at. After a couple of days, he decides to be a work-from-home lawyer who makes his own hours and focuses on lifeguarding full-time.

After a politician visit HQ and bodies start appearing, Craig starts investigating the relationship of the murders. Craig believes the politician is involved in the murders but when he goes to confront him, the politician is shot-at at the grand opening of the new beach hotel. The shooter then takes his wife, Gina, hostage. Mitch, Craig, and Eddie go after the shooter and Gina.

Craig and Mitch are on patrol making sure all the shelters, bathrooms, and towers have been cleared before and during the beginning of a storm when they pick up 2 strangers and a beach-regular homeless man. After they bring them back to HQ for safe shelter, one of them becomes antsy and takes HQ hostage.

Craig and Mitch have the old gang back together at Mitch's place.

Season 8[]

Season 9[]




Craig was the second original Season 1 character to return to the series as a recurring character, John D. Cort had done this previously and Eddie Kramer would return for the 2003 reunion movie.

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