Dawn Masterton is a fictional character from the popular American television show Baywatch Hawaii

She was portrayed by actress and model Brandy Ledford.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dawn is a slender blonde woman in her mid-twenties with short blonde hair and hazel eyes.


Dawn is a strong lifeguard devoted to her job, but her strange methods and habit of gossiping don't always make her very popular with other lifeguards, but she has shown to be a good friend and is always willing to help whatever the situation.

Baywatch HawaiiEdit

Season 1Edit

Dawn was a lifeguard and archeologist from Florida who was an expert in the human body having done various exercises in other parts of the world.

When she first came to Baywatch, after giving the other lifeguards a lesson in breathing, she was made by Sean to anticipate as well, but she blacked out when she was in the water.

With Sean and the other lifeguards' help, she was able to overcome this fear and became a great asset to the team.

Dawn had also dated fellow lifeguard J.D. Darius in the past which caused a strain on her position in the team, but many times she proved herself to be a great lifeguard. One such time was when she was helped a pregnant victim who fell overboard and was about to give birth (Risk to Death).



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