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Dawn Masterton is a character in Baywatch

Physical Appearance[]

Brandy-Dawn 10

Dawn is a beautiful, athletic woman in her mid-twenties with short blonde hair and hazel eyes.

She is 168 cm (5'6") in height and 60 kg (132 lbs) in weight.


Dawn is a strong lifeguard devoted to her job, but she sometimes misses having someone to love in her life due to her constant duties with the team (Thunder Tide) and feels that she can't always express her femininity (The Hero).

Her strange methods, attitude and habit of gossiping don't always make her very popular with other lifeguards, but she has shown to be a good friend and is always willing to help whatever the situation.

Skills and Abilities[]

Brandy-Dawn 2

Dawn is a very skilled lifeguard who is shown to have the knowledge of all the other lifeguards of the team in terms of CPR, First Aid and various rescue techniques.

She is also a strong swimmer and being an archaeologist who travelled the world doing various exercises involving the human body and an expert in Kinesiology and Physiology gives the team survival tips in underwater rescues.

One particular technique is shown in the episode Liquid Visions, where she uses an immersion technique she had learnt in India to see how long she could survive in the water, using all the energy in her body to go to her mind, relaxing her.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 1[]

Dawn joining the team

Dawn's first day with the team (Weak Link)

Dawn was a lifeguard and archaeologist from Florida who was an expert in the human body having done various exercises in other parts of the world.

When she first came to Baywatch, after giving the other lifeguards a lesson in hypoxic training (training your body to function under reduced oxygen levels), she was made by Sean to participate as well, but she blacked out when she was in the water.

With Sean and the other lifeguards' help, she was able to overcome this fear and became a great asset to the team (Weak Link).

Dawn had also dated fellow lifeguard J.D. Darius in the past which caused a strain on her position in the team, but many times she proved herself to be a great lifeguard. One such time was when she was helped a pregnant victim who fell overboard and was about to give birth (Risk to Death).

After seeing how a victim survived underwater for 20 minutes, transferring all the energy of the body to the mind to keep relaxed, Dawn saw this a way of benefiting the lifeguard team and decided to test this theory on herself using an immersion technique she had learned in India.

She sent Sean a note to meet her at the lagoon where she would set it up for him to test. After setting herself up with a vital status monitor, Dawn began the experiment, setting her body to relax. Sean arrived at the meeting place and gets scared when he sees Dawn seemingly unconscious underwater and immediately pulled her out, demanding an explanation.

Dawn assured him that the technique wasn't dangerous and encouraged Sean to try himself. He asked what he was supposed to learn from this, but Dawn replied that was for he himself to find out. After they both got back into the water, without the use of the monitor and Sean feeling a little silly with what he was about to do, she told him to take deep breaths and go under the water while she held him down, which is what he did.

Dawn's Immersion technique with Sean

Dawn after using her immersion technique on Sean (Liquid Visions)

In the same way, Sean relaxed, allowing the energy of his body to go all into his mind. After a few minutes, he emerged from what seemed to be a strange experience. Dawn asks him how it went and Sean replied that he doesn't want to go through it again.

Later Dawn used this technique to save her life while she was trapped during an underwater rescue (Liquid Visions).




  • It is never seen or revealed how or why Dawn left the Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguard team, but it is assumed that she returned to Florida or travelled the rest of the world to discover more techniques.
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