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Dennis Kosowski is a minor character in Baywatch.

He was an unhappily married man who developed a crush on lifeguard C.J. Parker.


Not much is known about Dennis except that he met and married Arlene. However he was revealed to not be happy, as he saw her as klutzy, unattractive and controlling. It is also possible it was Arlene's suggestion that they spent their honeymoon in Los Angeles.


During their honeymoon, Dennis and Arlene were having a picnic on a windy day at the beach with Arlene reminiscing about how much they would be spending the rest of their lives together, which was making Dennis extremely uncomfortable.

Suddenly C.J. who was on duty, saw the napkin that Arlene had accidently left on the ground and kindly asked her and Dennis to make sure they didn't litter. Dennis was entranced by C.J.'s beauty and promised her that he would make sure no litter would be left on the beach when they had finished. C.J. then thanked them with Arlene also apologizing and went back to her duties.

Dennis watched her go and hastily followed her, taking away Arlene's sandwich that she was still eating. He told C.J. that he wasn't a litterbug and recycled every piece of rubbish he used. He then told a whopping great fib of Arlene being his executive assistant that he was dictating notes to and he was taking a vacation from his office job.

Dennis and Arlene

Dennis with his wife Arlene

Later Arlene who had sensitive skin got badly sunburnt and had to stay in the hotel they were using while it healed. Dennis took this moment to observe C.J. working on the beach. He watched with interest and lust and was even more determined to have a relationship with her.

Another day at the beach, to get C.J.'s attention, he was swimming in the ocean when he slowly began to sink. As expected his calls for help attracted the blonde lifeguard who was observing from her tower and she rescued him. After giving him oxygen and then telling him that his leg, the cause of why he was drowning was only a muscle cramp, they exchanged names with Dennis asking her out for lunch, which she accepted.

Back at the hotel, the cream to heal Arlene's sunburn was taking effect and she was determined to spend more time with Dennis on their honeymoon by going out to the outside café to have lunch with him. Dennis objected to this as being in the open air would only make Arlene's sunburn worse.

Arlene then decided that they would order room service as she refused to spend another whole day cooped up in their hotel room by herself again. Knowing that room service would take a while and he make him miss his chance with C.J., Dennis offered to go down to the restaurant to get some food for both him and Arlene and make another beach picnic for them. Arlene agreed and after giving him her order, Dennis hastily departed.

As Dennis sat down at one of the tables, C.J. arrived, looking more beautiful than ever in a black dress with silver earrings. He politely seated her and couldn't help but stare and complement her beauty. Suddenly a waiter appeared saying that his order was up, which surprised C.J. as they hadn't even looked at the menus yet. Dennis hastily explained that the food was for his assistant and told her to order some food for them both while he was gone.

Back at the hotel room, he gave Arlene her food, but his wife asked where his was. Dennis lied again, saying that the staff messed up his order and had to go downstairs to get his own. Arlene also wondered why the drink she wanted wasn't there so Dennis told her that he would fetch it. After giving Arlene her drink, he rushed back to the table where C.J. had been patiently waiting for him.

Unfortunately Arlene discovered there was no mustard on the sandwich she ordered and came down to the café herself. Just as Dennis was enjoying spending time with C.J., Arlene appeared and he hastily went over to her, just as the food C.J. ordered was arriving.

Desperately, Dennis tried to make Arlene go back to their hotel room, but his wife recognized C.J. and became suspicious, asking if he was having lunch with her. Dennis denied it, but C.J. came up to them, saying that her and Dennis's food had arrived and was getting cold.

Now realizing that Dennis really was having lunch with C.J. and that he was being unfaithful just moments after they got married, Arlene was extremely upset and told C.J. the real truth that she wasn't Dennis's assistant at all, but his wife, much to C.J.'s shock.

Dennis hastily tried to explain his actions by lying again, saying that he had been asking C.J. to arrange some swimming lessons for Arlene and asked C.J. to back him up.

C.J. however was appalled by Dennis's actions and grabbed a platter of egg salad that a waiter was carrying and shoved it in his face.

It is unknown what happened after this, but it can be assumed that he left Los Angeles in disgrace and later Arlene asked for a divorce.


  • Dennis was Jeff Altman's second appearance on the show. He first appeared in Season 1 as Fred Rachins and would later star in different roles in more seasons, the most frequent one being Ed Symes. He is the most recurring male guest star on the show.