Diver's Watch

One of the many watches worn by the lifeguards

The Diver's Watch, also known as the Diving Watch or Dive Watch is a piece of equipment used by both the lifeguards of the Los Angeles County and Hawaii.

They are used as regular time pieces for the lifeguards on duty or anywhere else and are always seen on their left wrists with it's sole purpose being suitable for diving and various other water-based tasks.

They are made to be water resistant ranging from 100 to 300 metres underwater, magnetic resistant, shock resistant and even glow in the dark. Some also had a depth sensor, depth meter and recorded and stored data on how far you swam or dived during your time in the water.

Various designs ranging from analog to digital have been used for various water activities such as swimming, marine and deep sea diving. Most were made of plastic to titanium for long lasting effect depending on the activities.



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