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Eduardo is a minor character in Baywatch.


Eduardo was a salesman that operated on the streets of Venice. He was known by Shauni McClain and Eddie Kramer for less than reputable business ventures.

His latest scheme was selling a line of bikinis supposedly imported directly from Brazil. With a pair of oiled bikini models, Eduardo advertised his bikinis offering each $25 while two were for $40.

Shauni and Eddie approached him on the sales of the bikinis while on patrol on the street. Eduardo claimed that the bikinis were made from a new organic material and that one size would fit all. He tried to offer Shauni one, but was declined as she already had enough swimsuits. When asked for his sales permit, Eduardo made an excuse for himself by saying he misplaced it in his car And when pushed on the whereabouts of his car, by Shauni he claimed that his wife had to drive it to the doctor's, giving a story that she was very ill and that he needed to sell the swimsuits to pay her medicine.

Despite the obvious lie, Shauni and Eddie allowed it to slide but warned the bikini salesman that it was the last time. Eduardo thanked them and soon resumed his advertising of his merchandise.

However it turned out that Eduardo's bikinis disintegrated when in the water. Eddie while at his tower soon found about this when he heard a woman in the water screaming for help. She was not alone as many other women in the water found themselves trapped in the water due to their loss of modesty.

Eduardo soon was approached by an angry crowd composed of the women's husbands and boyfriends, demanding a refund. The salesman though could not provide them the money and made a hasty run for it down the beach, followed by the angry men.


  • Buzz Belmondo would make future appearances on the show in another episode of Season 2 as Vito in War of Nerves and later as a recurring character in Season 3 as Guido Torzini.