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Elke is a minor character in Baywatch.

She was a woman hired by Mitch Buchannon and his son Hobie as a Housekeeper.


Elke is a beautiful Dutch woman in her early thirties with long blonde hair and brown eyes.


Elke is a kind and caring woman who always smiled and really wanted to do her best to be a good housekeeper. She had feelings for Mitch and looked to him and Hobie as a family she could provide for.

When Mitch decided he and Hobie didn't need a housekeeper after all, she was disappointed but understanding about it, even accepting Mitch's invitation to have dinner with them before her departure.


It is unknown whether Elke was living in Los Angeles or was there for her holidays, but she heard about an advertisement for a housekeeper and went to see Mitch and Hobie to apply. Both Mitch and his son were amazed by her beauty and gave her an chance to prove herself by allowing her to make them dinner and she aced answering Hobie's homework study questions. Mitch isn't sure at first if Elke is the right person because she's too gorgeous may be a distraction, but Hobie convinced him that her skills are what matter the most and she shouldn't be judged by her looks, so they both decided to put Elke on a weekend trial basis and she was delighted.

Next Morning, Elke is cleaning the refrigerator and Mitch is getting rid to go out. He accidently bumps the step ladder where Elke is working and she spills cleaning fluid on his shirt. She offers to clean it for him but he says he'll just change it. Hobie then appears telling Mitch, he is late for his date Melinda, Elke doesn't mind saying that a man like Mitch would be worth the wait. Mitch decides to stay, but Hobie insists that he goes, so he can spend the day with Elke.

Later that night when Mitch and Melinda were curled up by the fireplace, listening to romantic music and sharing an intimate moment, Elke came downstairs and opened the refrigerator, making a noise and disturbing the couple. Elke apologized and an uncomfortable Melinda demanded to know who this woman is. Mitch tried to explain that Elke is his housekeeper, but Melinda doesn't believe him and decides to leave. Mitch tried to convince her it's true but Elke made things worse when she told her that she was taking care of all of Mitch's needs, making him sound even more unconvincing.

After Melinda leaves, Elke decides to follow her and explain but Mitch told her that it wouldn't do any good. Elke then decided to clean up the lounge to make it up to Mitch. As she was cleaning Mitch was still spellbound by her beauty. Elke noticed this and Mitch told her it was hard to see her a housekeeper when she looked so beautiful. Elke replied that in the same way, it was hard for her to think of him as her employer. Mitch felt flattered and as he sat next to her, Hobie came downstairs and thought his dad and Elke were dating and rushed back upstairs. Mitch apologized for Hobie getting the wrong end of the stick and Elke wanted to talk to him, but Mitch said it was fine and they both decide to turn it for the night.

The next morning, she and Hobie are out cycling and they arrive at the beach where Mitch is working to hear his final decision. Hobie tells her what tower his dad is working at and gives her his lucky marble. After thanking Hobie, she then walks to the tower where Mitch is working. She tells Mitch how much she loves being in Los Angeles and would love to continuing working for Mitch and Hobie. Mitch, after some uneasy conversation tells her that she can't hire her and is in fact not hiring anyone to fill the position. Elke asked if it was her fault for admitting her feelings for Mitch the night before, but Mitch explained he had decided that it was far better that he and Hobie provided for themselves and it is was nothing personal.

Elke said she would pack her belongings and leave straight away. As she turned to leave Mitch asked her to join him and Hobie for a dinner date and she agreed. It is unknown what happened to her after this.


This was Angela Visser's first guest appearance, she would later appear as tourist Greta in the Season 5 episode Someone to Baywatch Over You.