Epilogue is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Baywatch Nights, which was originally aired on April 27, 1996.

Guest Stars[]

  • Ben Murphy as Robert Houston
  • Julianne Morris as Rene O'Gill
  • Jared Murphy as R.J. O'Gill
  • Peter Allas
  • Oscar Dillon as Anthony Reese
  • Carmen Electra as Candy
  • Will Kempe as Burdette
  • Joan Murphy as Gloria

Episode Infomation[]

Rene and R.J. O'Gill, two step-children of a recently widowed man, hire Mitch to protect them for they suspect that their step-father, Robert Houston, murdered their mother for her money. Both Rene and R.J. will inherit a trust fund on Rene's 25th birthday which is only a week away.



Guest star Carmen Electra would go on to star in the parent series Baywatch as Lani McKenzie.

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