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Erika Maya Eleniak (Born September 29, 1969) is a model and actress who played the role of Shauni McClain in Baywatch from 1989-1992.

Her very first film role was at the age of 13 where she playing the minor role of an unnamed student known only as Pretty Girl in E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial.  Since then she also had roles in several other movies including Jordan Tate (not to be confused with the character from Baywatch) in Under Siege, Elly May Clampett in The Beverly Hillbillies and Toni Johnson in Chasers.

Erika also had a recurring role as Stephanie Curtis on the TV series Charles In Charge alongside with future Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert.

She was previously engaged to her Baywatch co-star Billy Warlock and was previously married to Philip Goglia with whom she now has a daughter named Indiyanna.

Characters portrayed by Erika Eleniak on the show[]


  • Erika is known by many fans to be the first official Baywatch babe.
  • Erika co-starred with Michael Bergin in the 2005 film Fatal Reunion.