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Fear Factor was an American stunt/dare game show hosted by comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogen.

The show pitted six contestants against each other to perform three stunts based on various fears including heights, deep water and insects. The winner would receive a grand prize of $50,000. Sometimes it was six single contestants, other times it was teams of two or three. If the contestant was too afraid to do the stunt or failed to complete it, they would be eliminated. However if they succeeded they would move on to the next round.

A spin off of the show Celebrity Fear Factor featured some of the contestants being cast members of Baywatch. They would all compete to win money for their chosen charities. If any of them lost, a certain amount of was given to their charity for taking part. One show however just gave the winning contestant the $50,000 prize to use themselves.

Whilst some of them got off to a good start, none of them won the major cash prize.

The shows were as follows:

1st Celebrity Fear Factor (2001)[]

David Hasselhoff and Brooke Burns were two of six contestants competing against each other as well as rapper Coolio, late former WWE wrestling diva Chyna, entertainer Donny Osmond and late actress Kelly Preston.

Both David and Brooke were eliminated during the first round involving collecting flags from a moving bus.

Brooke collected four flags, but two of them she collected on her knees, so they didn't count, giving her only two. Kelly then collected five, beating her amount. Brooke left winning $25,000 for her chosen charity of WTF School Relief Fund.

David was eliminated too after failing to beat Coolio's amount of flags. Like Brooke, he collected four flags too, but one of them he only got by being on his knees, deducting one which left him with three. Coolio before him had collected nineteen, but seven were deducted after he was still collecting when the horn sound, giving him an astounding twelve. David left winning $25,000 for his chosen charities of the Mayor's Twin Tower Fund and United Way September 11th Fund.

In the end, Coolio won all three rounds winning $50,000 for his chosen charity of Heritage Begins Within.

2nd Celebrity Fear Factor (2002)[]

Kelly Packard was one of six contestants competing against actor Stephen Baldwin, talk show host Alan Thicke, model Ali Landry, musician Kevin Richardson and soap actress Alison Sweeney.

Kelly was eliminated during the first round of transferring flags from one side of a tall building to another under a time limit. Kelly managed to obtain two flags in a certain time without falling, but Alison (though she fell) managed to beat her time limit by a few seconds. Kelly left winning $10,000 to her chosen charities of the Red Cross and Amanda Foundation.

In the end, Stephen won all three rounds winning $50,000 for his chosen charity of the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.

3rd Celebrity Fear Factor (2002)[]

Gena Lee Nolin was one of six contestants competing against actress Natasha Henstridge, soap actor Matt Cedeño, actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, comedy magicians Penn & Teller and actor Barry Williams.

Gena succeeded in the first round involving a high speed monster crossing the finish line in a certain time. However she lost in the second round of collecting yellow coloured hockey pucks from a water tank filled with snakes and pythons in a time limit of ninety seconds. She was beaten by Keisha who had collected eleven pucks compared to her six. However they decide to get Gena to go into the final round by eating a cockroach. However this proved to be too gross for her and she couldn't do it, resulting in her elimination.

Gena left winning $10,000 for her chosen charity of the Make a Wish Foundation.

In the end, Keisha won all three rounds winning $50,000 for her chosen charity of the Friendship Foundation.

4th Celebrity Fear Factor (2006)[]

Traci Bingham and Brande Roderick were two of eight contestants competing against each other as well as actor Todd Bridges, actress Tempestt Bledsoe, former lawyer and talk show host G. Gordon Liddy, comedian "Stuttering" John Melendez, singer and songwriter Leif Garrett and soap actress Arianne Zucker.

In the first round involving removing flags from each other's vests whilst being dunked in the water, the eight contestants split into four teams of two with the winning team deciding which of the other teams were eliminated. Traci teamed up with John and Brande teamed up with Todd. Traci panicked during the round, but managed to collect two flags, whilst John collected five, but was disqualified for collecting three as they were about to be dunked, giving them a total of four. Brande did her best getting six flags but Todd quit immediately. The winning team Gordon and Tempestt got ten flags and decided for Brande and Todd to be eliminated.

Traci however moved on to the next round involving the amount of time spent in a sulphuric smelling isolation chamber. This round was also with the selected teams. Traci however panicked into quitting when maggots began to get poured in, resulting in both her and John getting eliminated.

In the end, Leif won all three rounds, winning the $50,000 cash prize.


  • Because so many of the contestants from Baywatch failed the first round, Joe nicknamed it The Baywatch Curse.
  • Gena and Traci are the only two contestants from Baywatch to move on to the second round. However Gena had a chance to move on to the third round, but turned it down after she was asked to perform a task she wasn't comfortable with.