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Gayle Buchannon is a recurring character in the American television series Baywatch.

She was portrayed by actress Wendie Malick.

Gayle was Mitch's ex-wife who didn't like his job as a lifeguard as she thought he should be saving the well-being of their family rather than just saving victims.


Gayle is a slender, attractive woman in her mid-thirties with brown hair and brown eyes.


Early Life[]

Gayle met Mitch during high school and they fell in love. They eventually married and had a son named Hobie. Mitch soon got a job as a lifeguard and Gayle got a job as a businesswoman. However they began struggling with their busy jobs, especially with Mitch's as his was so demanding that he had no real time to spend with his family, so they eventually divorced with Hobie living with Mitch for a time in California.


Season 1[]

Throughout the first several episodes, Gayle is trying to take Hobie away from Mitch when her job sends her to Ohio.

Season 2[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

After a near death experience during an earthquake, Gayle and Mitch began to fall in love again and decided to remarry. However after Mitch and the lifeguard team got a distress call during their wedding on the beach, Mitch chose to answer it, regardless that he was about to remarry as he saw it as another opportunity to save a person's life, so Gayle ended up leaving him for good.