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Gina Pomeroy is a character in Baywatch. 

She was the wife of Craig Pomeroy.

Physical Appearance[]



An artistic, free-style woman.


Season 1[]

A serial killer is on the loose so attendance at the beach is low. Craig takes an interest due to the politician involved in a new hotel on the beach while Gina takes care of Eddie who has to have his wisdom teeth removed. While talking to Eddie during the grand opening party of the new hotel on the beach, Gina is taken as a hostage (ep. 10) when the serial killer appears to kill a politician.

Gina, Craig, Mitch, and others are taken hostage (ep. 11) after Craig and Mitch rescue a few guys taking shelter from the storm. Mitch answers a call from one of the lifeguard towers during the storm and finds out that the two guys that took them hostage at HQ are the two escaped convicts.

Season 9[]

Though she is not seen, Craig mentions that he and Gina have divorced.