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Greg is a minor character in Baywatch.


Greg injured his leg on the beach and was treated by one of the lifeguards Shauni McClain.

Soon afterwards he seemed to develop a crush on her. He then began constantly annoying and distracting Shauni on duty by his frequent visits, popping up in her watch tower, pretending to injure himself again to get her attention and finally playing golf despite another lifeguard Jill Riley confiscating most of his balls some of which ended up landing in the watch tower.

Finally Shauni decided to tell Greg to leave her alone. Greg tried to ask her on a date but Shauni refused saying his behaviour had to stop. Greg agreed but asked Shauni to give him a quick parting kiss, which she did so. It is revealed later on when he goes to see some friends that he had made a wager with them to get Shauni to kiss him and had won. They then see Jill passing by and his friends encourage him to try it on with her as well, to which he agrees. It is unknown what happened afterwards but it is obvious that Jill saw what he was up to and turned him down, making him lose his wager.