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Greta is a minor character in Baywatch.

She was a beautiful Dutch tourist who soon became a nuisance to lifeguard Matt Brody after he saved her life.


Greta was with a friend on holiday. She was on the beach with her friend taking pictures near a rocky area.

The tide suddenly washed against the rocks where Greta was standing and she fell backwards into the ocean.

Matt who was watching from his tower, saw the incident and dived in to save her. Greta was very grateful and told him that in her village whenever someone saves their lives, they must return their gift with a debt of gratitude, fulfilling their every desire until the debt is paid.

However Matt's girlfriend and fellow lifeguard C.J. Parker wasn't pleased to hear this and told her gently that it wasn't necessary and it was lifeguard policy not to except rewards from the lives they save. Matt agreed to this also, but Greta wouldn't take No for an answer.

Soon Greta began following Matt, giving him a drink, handing him a towel and giving him shade. Matt told her gently that her gesture was appreciated but she didn't have to be at his every beck and call and he would most likely get in trouble. C.J. then said the same, telling her that she didn't have to be Matt's slave, but Greta replied that she was doing it for the honour as it had always been the custom in her village.

Later she even prepared a lovely fish dinner for Matt and C.J. to enjoy on Matt's yacht and reorganized Matt's refrigerator by lining up the contents by height and colour-coding the vegetable bin. C.J. was beginning to get tired of Greta and told Matt either Greta went or she did.

Matt and C.J. then decide that the only way to get rid of Greta is if she saves Matt's life, which would make them even. So C.J. takes the day off to help Matt stage an incident which would look like Matt's life needed saving, including digging a massive hole for Matt to fall into, but each one failed with other people interfering. Greta continued being Matt's slave including putting suntan lotion on his back and making him a picnic. Matt and C.J. began to despair if they would ever get rid of Greta.

Their chance soon came when Matt was on his yacht and a St. Bernard dog who was on board knocked him into the water.

Greta who was on her way with some groceries saw Matt lying unconscious in the water and dived in to rescue him. With the help of someone else Matt was pulled safely out of the water. C.J. who had passed by on her bike, thought this was another fake incident and gave Matt CPR. Greta told her that Matt nearly drowned, so she really had saved his life. C.J. urged Matt who had recovered to show his gratitude and end Greta's debt for good. She is assumed to have finished the rest of her holiday and returned to her country.


Angela Visser had previously appeared as Nanny for hire Elke in the Season 3 episode Island of Romance, therefore making this her second and last guest appearance.