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Gwen and Mattie Brown are minor characters in Baywatch.

They are twin sisters who compete for the affection of lifeguard Mitch Buchannon.

Physical Appearance[]

Both twins have the same green eyes, shoulder length brown hair and slender figure, but are different in looks and appearance. Gwen wears her hair in a pony tail wears glasses and plain casual clothing. Mattie however, wears her hair down with make-up, earrings and more glamourous clothing.


Though being twins, Gwen and Mattie have many different personalities. Gwen is shy, insecure and often nervous, whilst Mattie is more calm, confident and was often unkind to her sister.


They both arrive in Los Angeles for a trailer holiday. Mattie is in the bedroom, brushing her hair. She tells Gwen who seems to be in the bathroom, that she'll never find someone by the way she'd dressed or how she styles her. Gwen rebukes her for her cruel words and dressed in her normal casual clothes, leaves the trailer to prove to her sister that she can find someone just as easily as her and heads for the beach.

She sees Mitch on duty in one of his lifeguard towers. She immediately falls in love with him. She goes up to him, asking about the yellow and black dot beach flag. Mitch explains that there is a power rip in the ocean, so swimmers have to be cautious. Gwen accepts this, saying that she isn't a very good swimmer anyway. She introduces herself to Mitch, who likes her name and urges her to use plenty of sunscreen if she's to stay on the beach.

Mitch and Gwen

Gwen meeting Mitch

Gwen then places her towel on the sand, takes off her shoes and sits down. She then watches Mitch telling some nearby pretty beach girls that alcohol is not allowed on beach (which makes Gwen uncomfortable) and then saving a drowning victim. Gwen picks up Mitch's sunglasses that he dropped in the sand whilst going to rescue the victim and holds them close to her chest and watches him with admiration.

Afterwards, she hands the sunglasses back to Mitch, telling him, how impressed she was by him saving the victim. In her nervousness, she mixes up her words and says "her" instead of "him". Mitch doesn't seem to mind and asks about her. Gwen points to the trailer and says that she and her sister go cross-country travelling the world. Mitch comments that it must be tight with spending so much time together. Gwen replies that they are very close. Suddenly the same Beach girls that Mitch was talking to earlier, ask him out on a date, which Mitch kindly refuses as he is still on duty. This makes Gwen even more uncomfortable as she takes her belongings and leaves the beach.

Mitch and Mattie

Mattie meeting Mitch

Later Mattie turns up at the beach, all dressed up for swimming in a pink swimsuit and floral wrap, carrying her black shoes and flaunting her hair. She goes near the same tower where her sister went too and Mitch tells her about the dangerous rips in the ocean. Mattie then introduces herself to Mitch, who then enquires about her twin sister. Mattie replies that she isn't enjoying their holiday as much as she would like to as Gwen is dragging her down. Using her feminine charm, she then invites Mitch to her trailer for dinner and show them the best things to do during their stay in Los Angeles. Mitch politely says no as he already has plans. She then asks him to come over the next day, adding that him being there would make Gwen happy and it would be fun. Mitch then accepts the invitation, wishing her well and asking her to say hi to Gwen for him. He doesn't notice the annoyed look on Mattie's face as she turns around and leaves.

Later at the sisters' trailer, Gwen and Mattie have a heated argument about who deserves to be with Mitch. It is then revealed that they are one and the same person with the woman talking to herself and changing her appearance, which indicates a split personality disorder.

Next day, the woman now dressed as Gwen returns to where Mitch is on duty and asks him to nurse her leg that she bruised and cut on some rocks. Whilst doing this, Mitch mentions Mattie's invitation to dinner. Gwen replies that it is still on but Mattie won't be coming.

Later on a stormy evening, the woman is in the trailer now dressed up as Mattie in a beautiful blue split thigh dress. She sets the table and fills two glasses with red wine for herself and Mitch. She then opens up some drug capsules and places its powdered contents into one of the glasses.

Mitch arrives and Mattie tells her that Gwen couldn't make it. Confused, Mitch says that Gwen had told him that she couldn't make it. Mattie then says that Gwen is a basket case when it comes to entertaining men and tells Mitch that they're having lamb chops for dinner and gives the glass of the drug induced wine. As Mitch sits down, Mattie continues to prepare dinner and asks Mitch if he likes dancing as she was considering turning on some music to dance to.

Mitch is still concerned about Gwen, implying that she will be upset by what they're doing. Mattie replies that Gwen is always upset and has never understood how to enjoy herself. She then asks Mitch to forget about Gwen and concentrate on themselves. As they raise their wine glasses to toast their friendship, the drugs in the wine take effect and Mitch falls into unconsciousness.

As Mattie stoops over the body, Gwen's voice is heard in her head, asking her not to take Mitch to a certain place. But she tells her to shut up. She then rushes to the car to begin the journey and another heated argument take place with Mattie telling Gwen that she will never go away and that she was hear to stay.

They arrive at an old abandoned warehouse near the ocean. Mattie drags Mitch's body below, places him on a mattress and handcuffs his wrist to a nearby pipe. She then kisses Mitch and tells him that she'll take good care of him and no one will bother them, before falling asleep beside him.

The next morning, the room is now flooding and Mattie appears with a tray of breakfast, seeming oblivious to the fact that the water is rising high and Mitch may drown. Mitch then hears the sisters arguing again. Mattie is telling Gwen that she is too weak to save anyone and certainly won't be able to save Mitch. Mitch calls out for help and Mattie appears again with Mitch asking to be set free. Mattie says that Gwen would let her drown but she wouldn't. She goes on to say that she is a victim too. Mitch then notices the bruised and cut leg he had nursed for Gwen before and finds out that they're the same person and demands to know who Gwen couldn't save from drowning. It is then revealed that Gwen is her true persona and she couldn't save her real twin sister Mattie from drowning when they were kids. This tragedy consumed her with guilt and hatred for herself, unleashing her split personality disorder.

She then saves Mitch, who then calls the authorities to take her away for treatment. Gwen now wearing her hair in a pony tail and glasses again, is scared, but Mitch assures her that everything will be alright. She then explains that Mattie meant a lot to their mother and she had to keep her alive. Mitch tells her that what happened was an accident and she shouldn't keep blaming herself.

As Gwen is placed in the back of the van, she asks Mitch if she can see him once she gets well, Mitch agrees. As the van drives away, Gwen asks the staff to turn on the radio and she removes her glasses and lets down her hair, once more reverting to her Mattie persona. She then asks the staff if they like to dance and laughs at her reflection in the rear view mirror.


Carrie-Anne revealed in an interview that playing two sisters with different personalities was a very challenging role.