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Holly is a minor character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

Holly is a beautiful slender woman in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes.


Holly is a very caring person which is shown when she helps an annoying photographer out of the pool and when she warns him not to lean too far back when he is taking pictures of her on the rocks near the ocean.


Holly 11

Holly meeting Carlton

Holly is first seen relaxing in a chair next to the pool possibly enjoying a holiday in Hawaii. A photographer called Carlton Edwards falls into the pool after he fails to get Baywatch Lifeguard C.J. Parker, who is on vacation to pose in a shoot for him and she comes to his rescue. Carlton asks her if she would like the job of posing in his shoot. She agrees.

Later Carlton is taking pictures of Holly on some rocky crags. She warns him that he is too close to edge but he doesn't listen and ends up swept over the edge into the ocean when the waves crash against the rocks and then pulled into an underwater cave where the water rises higher and higher.

After seeing two Hawaiian lifeguards, she asks for their help and one of them goes for back up.

Another Baywatch Lifeguard Stephanie Holden arrives with another Hawaiian lifeguard Mark Kealoha who rescues Carlton from the cave. Holly watches as Carlton is taken to hospital assuring him that everything will be alright.

She is then finally seen with Stephanie and Carlton driving to the beach helping them find a missing piece of lava rock which is said to bring bad luck (Carlton had previously taken it as a good luck charm). They eventually find it and she waves goodbye as Carlton and Stephanie swim to the rock to put the piece back.

Holly is finally seen enjoying a Hawaiian party with Carlton, Stephanie and Mark who are celebrating Stephanie's sister Caroline's engagement to fellow lifeguard Logan along with other fellow lifeguards Mitch and Matt.

Holly and Carlton

Holly with Carlton, now as a couple

Holly goes with Carlton to thank Stephanie for her help and he announces his new job at Turtle Bay and he and Holly have become a couple. She then poses for a picture with Stephanie and the others and continues to enjoy the festivities.


  • This was Heidi Mark's second guest appearance on the show. She had previous appeared as an un-named Blonde Con-Artist in the Season 5 episode Promised Land.