The Island of Oahu Red Lifeguard Bikini is an article of clothing worn by the female lifeguards of the Island of Oahu Lifeguard team, the primary lifeguarding team in Oahu one of which is Jenna Avid.

The creation of the outfit[]

The suit was used in Season 11 of Baywatch (also called Season 2 of Baywatch Hawaii). It's design is similar to the Baywatch Hawaii Rookie Bikini, except it is the same colour as their red swimsuit.

It consists of a thin strapped bikini crop top bearing the Island of Oahu Lifeguard patch and matching bikini bottoms. It is unknown if the suit is used in the same way as the Baywatch Hawaii rookie bikini, such as used for trainees and when lifeguards are off duty, as this has never been revealed.





  • Jenna Avid is the only Island of Oahu lifeguard seen to be wearing it and she is only ever seen in the red bikini bottoms during the episode Ben while competing at the Oahu Oceanfest. Jenna may have been wearing the bikini top under the Oceanfest team top.
  • The full red bikini (top and bottom) was only worn by Krista Allen during a promotional photoshoot.
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