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Jack "J.D." Darius is a character in Baywatch.

Physical Appearance[]

Tall, athletic with dark brown hair and brown eyes.


J.D. is super friendly. He makes a brilliant lifeguard due to his can do attitude and desire to be better. He has great organizational skills, which later make him a prime candidate for the elite training center in Hawaii.

At first J.D. is slightly timid. He is reluctant to work the sand and would rather take up Mitch's old position as lieutenant. He has loads of experience, however is haunted by a memory of failing a rescue in his past when he worked at Daytona Beach. Mitch is eager to restore J.D.'s confidence and so after a little deliberating, he decides Taylor Walsh should become the new lieutenant instead - allowing J.D. to work on overcoming his traumatic memory by patrolling the sand.


Season 8[]

J.D. is discovered camping on the beach by Donna. He goes on to compete with Taylor Walsh for the vacant lieutenant position, but has a flashback of a victim who died in his arms back at Daytona Beach. When Skylar's rescue exercise goes wrong and J.D. jumps in, that memory comes back to haunt him, forcing Newman to rescue Skylar. J.D. lies to Mitch after being asked what happened, claiming he didn't see Skylar. J.D. later opens up about the incident and warns Skylar that going by the book in terms of following lifeguarding procedures doesn't lead to a positive outcome. Then, he accuses Skylar of ratting him out after Mitch tells him he found out about the incident from Daytona Beach Captain Doug Wyatt, but Skylar, with a stunned look on her face, gets upset and tells J.D. blaming one's problems on someone else does not make them go away. J.D. later attempts to rescue a man, but makes the mistake of placing himself between the victim and the boat. He gets rescued, but does not get the vacant lieutenant position. Even though he feels disappointed, Taylor's first decision is offering J.D. a job at Baywatch after becoming impressed with how J.D. acted without reluctance to save the man in that boat. J.D. is not sure at first after how he likely "burned a few bridges," but he accepts. J.D. later apologizes to Skylar for the accusation after learning that Skylar actually never told Mitch. J.D. later develops a romance with Caroline Holden, who returns to Baywatch after her acting career was not working out, but Caroline decides to end the romance as she accepts a new soap opera role in New York.

Season 9[]

J.D. creates a friendship with fellow lifeguard Jessie Owens. This later develops into a blossoming relationship.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 1[]

J.D. was chosen by Mitch to join the elite lifeguarding team that would make up the newly established 'Hawaiian Lifeguard training Centre'. He was chosen not only because he was a great lifeguard, but because of his brilliant organisational skills.

J.D. falls for Hawaii lifeguard Kekoa Tanaka at first sight, which marks the beginning of a gap developing in his relationship with fellow Baywatch lifeguard Jessie.

Season 2[]

Jessie returns and J.D. learns from her that she has a son named Luke. Luke's biological father left after learning about Jessie's pregnancy.

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding[]

At the beginning of film, J.D. is patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles with fellow lifeguard Hobie Buchannon. He is in a close relationship with Leigh Dyer following his split from Kekoa. They get along really well and perform a rescue together alongside Mitch who has returned to Baywatch.

J.D. is invited by Mitch to attend his engagement party in Hawaii. Here he meets up again with Kekoa and Jason who are still working at Baywatch Hawaii and who have become close friends. J.D. cannot hide his feelings for Kekoa anymore and Leigh has doubts about their relationship too.

J.D. puts his incredible lifeguarding skills to the test when he has to rescue Eddie Kramer and Caroline Holden, although he has a little help from Kekoa who arrives just in time onboard a Coast Guard helicopter.

By the time of C.J. Parker's wedding he arrives hand in hand with Kekoa, clearly having made up with her and definitely back in love, whilst Leigh is in a relationship with fellow lifeguard Jason Ioane.


  • Michael Bergin became one of the show's biggest heartthrobs.
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