Jaason Matthew Simmons (Born July 12, 1970) is an actor who played Logan Fowler in Baywatch from 1994-1996. He also appeared as one of the interviewees in July 2001 in an episode about Baywatch in the The E! True Hollywood Story series.

He also made a cameo appearance in the 1997 film Nowhere directed by Gregg Araki. He plays the role of himself as a Baywatch actor and several of the female characters in the movie recognize him from the show, which is the basis for his actions in the film.

He is currently playing a role in a detective movie called The B Team along with other Baywatch cast members Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi, Gena Lee Nolin, Kelly Packard, Michael Bergin, Alexandra Paul and Gregory Alan Williams.

Characters portrayed by Jaason Simmons on the show[]