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Jacqueline Marie Collen-Tarrolly (Born February 27, 1968 as Jacqueline Marie Long) is an actress who guest starred Catherine Larsen in the Baywatch Season 4 episode The Falcon Manifesto.

She is best known for her numerous roles in The Edge and Maeve in The Adventures of Sinbad. She has also appeared and starred in various TV shows and films including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Pacific Blue, Jerry Maguire, Conan the Adventurer, Beverly Hills 90210, Dangerous Proposition, and Diamonds.

Jacqueline has a son; Rory James Collen from her first marriage to Phil Collen and a daughter; Antonia Grace Tarrolly from her current marriage to Dean Tarrolly.

She is also the founder of Medieval Bath and Beauty products and now runs a place called Toadstool Farm where she sells and breeds horses. She also sells artwork called Toadstool Farm Art.

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