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Jessica "Jessie" Owens is a character in Baywatch

Physical Appearance[]

Brooke-Jessie 4

Jessie was a tall, beautiful, athletic woman in her early-twenties with long blonde hair (styled straight or curled) and blue eyes.

Her face was usually adorned with a wide smile.

She was 175 cm (5'9") in height and 59 kg (130 lbs) in weight.


Jessie has a bubbly personality and is good friends with the other lifeguards. She is always ready to dive in and save a life and takes her position as a lifeguard to be a privilege as well as a responsibility.

Skills and Abilities[]

Jessie on duty

If Neely Capshaw was the top female athlete on Baywatch then Jessie was that on Baywatch Hawaii. But unlike Neely, Jessie was naturally athletic. She was physically strong and had excellent stamina; aspects that would help her reach her ultimate goal of becoming a stuntwoman.

Before becoming a lifeguard Jessie worked for a short while as the Maintenance Manager at Baywatch in LA, a task that hardly reflected her skills.

Being a strong swimmer and diver as well as an excellent runner it was no surprise she was also interested in triathlon competitions.

Despite having talent, Jessie was a rough diamond requiring some polishing; she especially needed training in actual lifeguarding skills. But as an aspiring triathlete, lifeguard and stuntwoman, her training was more on the physical side including running, swimming, biking and weight training. She eventually left Baywatch, but not before becoming a good lifeguard, to actively pursue a stuntwoman career.


Season 9[]

Jessie started off as a maintenance manager at Baywatch, but after seeing her impressive live-saving techniques, Mitch Buchannon invited her to join the team. Later, Jessie meets her ex-boyfriend, Deke, who is now an inmate. Deke asks her to smuggle him to Mexico, but when Jessie rides with him and refuses at the last minute, he throws her into the ocean and attempts to escape. Deke gets recaptured and Jessie admits to Mitch that before she turned 18, she was with Deke when he stole a car. Despite the arrest, Mitch tells Jessie it wouldn't appear on her record and she was still able to attend rookie school.

Baywatch Hawaii[]

Season 1[]

Season 1 begins in Aloha, Baywatch with Mitch having lost the feeling of lifeguarding. He successfully makes a rescue whilst on holiday in Hawaii, yet feels his lack of knowledge about Hawaiian morphology and coastal processes impeded his ability to complete the rescue. He spent ages looking in a rip current instead of a lava tube. He decides to create an elite group of lifeguards from around the world to share knowledge and techniques to better prepare lifeguards worldwide to any possible situation. Jessie and J.D. Darius were selected from Baywatch.

Prior to travelling to Hawaii, she was semi-romantically attached to J.D. Darius - he was training her in preparation for an Ironman triathlon. She originally didn't want to go to Hawaii - however, when JD mentions that an Ironman triathlon takes place in Hawaii, she was won over and decides to go!

Season 2[]

Jessie eventually left Hawaii to pursue her career as a stuntwoman and gave birth to a son named Luke. However the biological father left after finding out about the pregnancy, leaving Jessie to raise her son alone. She returned and told this J.D., who promised to give his upmost support. Jessie becomes Jason's partner for the Showdown 2001 race, but Jason is angry because of how Jessie handled telling J.D. about her son and J.D.'s relationship with Kekoa. This leads to tension between Jason and Jessie as Jessie sternly reminds him about the fact that she is raising her son alone. Jason and Jessie eventually finish the race and reconcile.




  • Sometimes her name is misspelled as Jesse, for example, during the opening titles sequence of season 10.
  • Of all the lifeguards in the series, Craig Pomeroy, C.J. Parker, J.D. Darius, and Jessie were the only ones to re-enter rookie school.
  • Jessie, Mitch, J.D. and Newmie were the only four original Baywatch Lifeguards to relocate to Hawaii.
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