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Senior Lifeguard Jill Riley is a character in Baywatch

As the most experienced female lifeguard in the service, Jill trained Shauni McClain on how to become a skilled lifeguard and was respected by all of her friends at Baywatch.

However she died tragically after injuries from a shark attack during a rescue.

Physical Appearance[]

Jill 13

Jill was an athletic and attractive woman in her late twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was 173 cm (5'8") in height and 49 kg (110 lbs) in weight.


Jill was a strong minded and hardworking lifeguard. She was brave and did not hesitate to risk her own life to save others. On one occasion she even went against lifeguard policy to solve a case about an unusual rescue she participated in, despite Mitch's protests. Jill was good friends with all the other lifeguards with Shauni McClain being her best friend.

Skills and Abilities[]

Jill 15

Being a former Professional Volleyball player, Jill was athletic and liked to keep herself active with her hobbies consisting of Swimming, Jogging, Rowing, Boating, Diving and various Water sports.

As one of the experienced lifeguards on the team, Jill had skillful water and rescue skills, was an expert in CPR and understood the handling of various rescue vehicles. She also had the ability to gain the trust and calmness of the victims she was rescuing.


Season 1[]

Jill had been lifeguarding since high school and soon became the most experienced and popular lifeguard on the Baywatch team. She was a mentor and friend to Shauni and taught her everything about being a great lifeguard.

During a rescue, she was attacked by a shark which resulted in serious injuries causing blood embolism that eventually killed her.

The team were greatly devastated at not only losing a great lifeguard, but a good friend as well.




  • Shawn Weatherly replaced actress Pamela Bowen for the role of Jill when she had a debilitating fear of water.
  • Jill was the first on duty as well as female lifeguard to be killed off in the show, but the second to be seen killed after a rescue.
  • Jill appears in the Season 1 episode The Big Race in several flashbacks of Shauni who still misses her friend a lot, but decides to continue on with her duties in her memory.
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