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Joannie is a character who appears in two episodes of Baywatch.


Joannie was from a group of girls hanging around the beach who were smitten with lifeguard Eddie Kramer.

They attracted the attention of a lonely girl named Caroline Larkin who went to desperate lengths to impress them by saying that she got drunk and made out with the lifeguard, which was nothing but a lie. However one of Joannie's jealous friends Jenna believes it and contacts Caroline's father Frank about it, leaving Eddie suspended over a sexual assault charge.

Eventually Caroline comes to her senses after being rescued by Eddie and his girlfriend Shauni McClain after she attempted by commit suicide by jumping off the pier and finally admits the truth. The charges against Eddie are dropped and Caroline apologizes for hurting him before going back to Ohio for counselling.

It is unknown what happened to Joannie and the others after this but it is obvious that they were not happy with Caroline for lying to them and also presumably found out that Eddie was in a relationship and left him alone.


  • This was the first guest role Kelly played before later joining the main cast as April Giminski.
  • Kelly later wore the same purple bikini while playing her second guest role as an unnamed Beach Girl.
  • Footage of her and her friends on the beach would be later used in the opening sequences of Seasons 4, 5 and 6.