Junior Lifeguards

Lifeguard Shauni McClain training the Junior Lifeguards in the episode We Need a Vacation.

The Junior Lifeguards programme is a form of activity the Baywatch Lifeguards use to train children on the Los Angeles beach who want to be future lifeguards.

The training is given by one or even three lifeguards depending on the amount of children, especially in case of any dangers or other unfortunate circumstances that may take place.

They teach them various things including CPR, swimming techniques, first aid, rescue techniques (including the use of the Rescue Can), ocean awareness and health and wellbeing. The children themselves mostly wear particular swimwear for the programme (black or blue shorts for the boys and black or blue swimsuits for the girls), especially when taking part in water based activities. They are chosen to learn at their own pace and are always encouraged to keep going if they sometimes fail.


Lifeguards C.J. Parker, Stephanie Holden and Caroline Holden training a group of female Junior Lifeguards in the episode Leap of Faith.

The groups may also occasionally be just boys or girls and taught by particular chosen lifeguards.

Lessons are not always on the beach, occasionally the lifeguards will take the Junior Lifeguards to another location such as a water park or even Catalina.

Hobie Buchannon was one of those particular boys to attend Junior Lifeguards.